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What color skirt should I buy for a navy button up shirt?

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By AccountantsAreFun on Sep 4, 2013

I returned the 30" Toro Timemaster to my local store after my first use, and received an immediate refund. Home Depot is praiseworthy for making the return so convenient. Toro is blame-worthy for the poor design of this mower. I wanted the Toro to work well, because I hoped to give my tractor to my son, and I wanted to walk-mow my yard. I set the Toro's cutting height the same as my tractor, this was right in the middle of the Toro's height settings. I set-up the Toro with the side chute. The chute was properly installed. I had the plug inserted in the back to block the tunnel to the bag - everything was properly set-up to mow with the side discharge chute. Gasoline was 89 octane. The mower started easily. The mower impressed me as being built of quality components. The drive system seems sturdy and solid. The drive system operated nicely on my driveway, and the engine ran smoothly and sounded very nice on my driveway. The throttle was set at the indicated setting. I attempted to mow my yard which had been cut to the same height six days previous with my tractor. The grass was green. The grass was DRY. PROBLEMS: as I mowed, grass clogged under the mower deck, no matter how slowly I mowed, and this was growth of less than one week. As the deck clogged, the engine labored, and the mower was unable to clear the grass out of the deck. I cleared all of the grass out of the chute and out of the deck, and tried over and over again. I MOWED AT SLOWER AND SLOWER PACES, even at an extremely slow walking pace, slower than a crawl, but still the clogging and laboring engine occurred. Here's what I suspect is wrong: a more powerful engine should be installed, and the side discharge should have a much larger opening. NEXT: One section of my yard is covered in the extremely thick zoysia grass. That section had been mowed by my tractor, at the same height, six days before. Zoysia grows very slowly, so this grass was NOT long when I ran the Timemaster into it. The Toro had a hard /

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